Accident Reconstruction

Accident Reconstruction

Traditionally, accident reconstruction involves collecting all available evidence and applying scientific methods, resulting in an accurate account of the sequence of events leading up to a crash, the forces and accelerations involved in the crash, and the post-impact behaviors of the vehicles.
JS Forensic Consulting has extensive training and experience in performing complex accident reconstruction analyses and simulations, which can include, but is not limited to, passenger vehicles, heavy trucks and buses, motorcycles, pedestrians, and bicyclists. At JS Forensic Consulting, we complete mechanical inspections for component failure, driveability issues, and out-of-service issues on heavy trucks and buses as well as on light-duty passenger vehicles.
We also utilize 3-dimensional computer simulations to determine impact configurations and vehicle speed for all types of crash situations including rollovers, hydroplaning, and vehicle loss of control events.

​To complete these complex accident reconstructions,

we utilize state-of-the-art analysis and simulation techniques combined with our forensic 3D Mapping, Digital Media Analysis, data from the involved vehicles’ Event Data Recorders (EDR), Human Factors analyses and potentially our Visibility and Conspicuity work.

Pre- Crash:

Crash Phase:

Post-Impact Phase:

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